Thursday, July 31, 2014

Low Impact Workout Alternatives

Working out can be a great way to stay in shape. For those who don’t have physical jobs or outdoor activities, it’s often the only way to ensure the body gets the proper movements it needs. But when running or jogging becomes too intense, there are plenty of alternatives. Ones that will still allow you to lose weight and tone the body, but without the pain that comes with it.

Why Exercise Becomes Painful

As our bodies age, bones not only become more fragile, but lose some of their cushion, such as joint fluids or muscle elasticity. While certain exercises can be done to reduce those side effects (as well as diet change), sometimes genetics simply take over and leave us no choice. Individual injuries can also affect one’s joints. Talk to your doctor either way to see what movements should be avoided, and which ones can help strengthen the body.

Low Impact Moves

When experiencing muscle pain, look toward various types of low-impact exercises, such as aerobics or intense stretches. These styles of movement will allow you to still get in plenty of cardio time, but without putting too much pressure on the knees or joints in the process. Classes at the gym will provide full descriptions, and even explain levels of intensity. That way you can avoid those that are higher intensity, and opt for classes that won’t be too hard on your specific bodily needs. (Though similar results can be found with DVD sets or TV programs.) Teachers will also explain what movements might flare up certain injuries so you can avoid them or create a safe replacement. 

Rather than suffering through joint pain, a small exercise adjustment can create a pattern that works to cure. Talk to your doctor or an exercise professional to reevaluate your routine today.