Monday, June 2, 2014

Can Spicy Foods Help you Lose Weight?

It’s long-since been a myth that spicy foods are for the skinny. For whatever reason, this extra kick of flavor – and heat – has been said to jumpstart the metabolism and kick it into high gear. But does it actually help? And if so, just how helpful are spicy foods on the metabolism that’s happy working on slow gear? Or are spicy foods only for flavor? Is it just a half-cooked myth that got people to suck down spicy foods when they were wishing for something more bland? 

According to studies, it’s the former; spicy is the way to go. While opting for peppers or hot sauce won’t work as a long-term solution, eating them on a regular basis will help kick your metabolism in high gear. For those who love spicy foods, this comes as good news, you can simply continue eating hot peppers on as many foods as your taste buds can handle … and enjoy the benefits along the way. But for those who are more sensitive to spicy tastes, however, eating them can mean more pain than it’s worth. Instead, try a few peppers at a time, or sprinkling them into blander foods, such as eggs, bread, pastas, etc. to get the same perks without the too-spicy repercussions.

Why Spicy Works in Your Favor

When eating foods that come with a kick, your tongue isn’t the only area feeling its affects. The seeds and oils that make foods hot also interact with your digestive system, allowing them to move foods through more quickly. This is also what works for the short-term fix. To keep your metabolism moving at this high-speed pace, eat spicy foods on a regular basis, or as often as your taste buds prefer. 

In order to give your metabolism a jumpstart – by doing nothing other than eating a meal – consider going spicy. It’s a quick and effective way to give your body a boost of energy just where you need it most.