Friday, June 27, 2014

Can Hugs Make You Feel Younger?

Every now and then there’s a study that comes out with completely unique information. Whether it’s how to improve health, combat a certain illness, or just stats about how vitamins are affecting others, it gives us a glimpse into how we’re affected by everyday situations. But this latest release just may take the cake. Scientists are now showing results that hugs can make us feel younger. Providing what is known as the “cuddle hormone,” research shows that regular hugs can not only leave you more energized, but promote better bone and muscle health. All from just giving more hugs. 

The study was performed at the University of California, Berkeley, where it was found that the “cuddle hormone” or oxytocin helps those with muscle injuries heal more quickly. It’s a substance that the body creates and releases naturally when physical touching takes place. The study also found that oxytocin naturally decreases with age. But through regular touching – or injections of the substance – subjects were still found to heal at an increased pace whether suffering from a muscle or bone related injury.

The injections were also found to be safe, though natural versions of oxytocin appeared to have a better influence over patients. 

What the Results Mean

The research is in, folks, time to get hugging in order to feel younger. And to heal any ongoing injuries, especially those that involve the muscles or bones. It may not yet be doctor recommended, but that doesn’t mean patients can’t test out the theory for themselves. If it works, you can jumpstart your way to a speedy recovery, and if it doesn’t, all it cost you is a little up-close and personal time with those to whom you’re closest. Not exactly a con from any standpoint. 

To improve your health as well as your everyday mood, consider giving more hugs on a daily basis.