Friday, June 13, 2014

3 Ways Driving Can Be a Literal Pain in the Neck

There’s a little bit of road rage in all of us, no matter how intense it might be. Whether we just get frustrated or have to head to stress management classes after a traffic jam, it’s safe to say that driving can cause some serious tension. It’s how we handle those tensions, however, that may or may not lead to secondary issues, such as headaches, muscle pains, and other stress-induced side effects.

To make the most our of your next driving venture, remember the following:

3. Tensing Muscles Can Cause Them to Ache

When we’re angered or stressed out, generally it’s common to tense the muscles. Though it’s not done on purpose, it’s an underlying act that can cause aches and pains later on. The longer amount of time, or more often, that one tenses, however, the greater these pains can become. 

To avoid pulling or stressing the muscles, try and relax while driving, even in the most frustrating of situations. 

2. Checking for Traffic Too Quickly Can Cause Neck Strains

When “whipping” or quickly checking for merging traffic, our necks often feel the brunt of the efforts. This fast-paced motion can lead to pulled muscles or strains within the neck. Which is also one of the sorest places to upset a deep muscle.  

Rather than doing a quick check, take your time and allow the neck to slowly adjust to new positions; the extra time will lead to stronger and more agile muscles. 

1. Being Petal Happy Can Cause Whiplash

We know it’s important to take it easy on the brakes – and the gas – to save on efficiency. But that’s not the only reason why. Making a “hard” stop or slamming on the breaks can also cause some uncomfortable muscle or bone jarring. While these events can be painful up front, they can also fly under the radar … until they don’t. While emergencies happen, avoid hard petal actions to keep your body in place and properly aligned.