Wednesday, June 25, 2014

4 Everyday Situations that Cause us to Hunch

More often than not, slouching is a subconscious decision. When becoming relaxed or simply losing track of what we’re doing throughout the day, our bodies can slide into a hunched routine. Let’s face it, it’s just more comfortable. Even in the world’s most posture-inducing chair, can’t make us sit up straight 100% of the time. We’re just natural slouchers. But that also doesn’t mean we can’t be more aware of activities that cause us to hunch more than others.

To stay on top of proper posture, remember to be fully aware the back’s alignment when:

Walking Quickly

There’s something about being in a hurry that causes us to put our noses down. The next time you’re walking faster than your normal, leisurely pace, remember to hold your chin steady and up off the ground. This is especially true for when holding an umbrella, or other elements such as sun or wind cause you to avert your line of sight. 

Being Tired

Nights where you don’t get enough rest are more likely to cause slouching than almost any other form of sleeping. Whether being tired puts you in a bad mood or simply creates an environment in which you’d rather be cozy, be aware of this slouch-inducing cause each time you wake up drowsier than normal. 

Poor Discipline

The more often you work to remind yourself of your posture, the more aware you’ll be of each sitting position. Even subconsciously. Rather than ignoring your spine’s routine, look to subtle reminders throughout the day that will allow you to be more aware of how your back is aligned for each movement.

Desk Work

While working – especially typing – at a desk might be a necessary task, it’s also one that creates regular hunching posture. Look into shoulder and back position each time you sit down to improve your body’s everyday posture. Even when the environment doesn’t promote it.