Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moves you Shouldn’t Pull During March Madness

This time of year, basketball fans are coming out of the regulation-painted woodwork. With brackets that are destined for multiple scribbles, those of all ages tune in to see their favorite team – or favorite qualifying team – make it to the next round. No matter your cheering rituals, however, there’s plenty of ways not to celebrate after a big win. Specifically those that’ll have your muscles wishing you’d watched from the bench.

For the rest of the tournament, be sure to avoid:

The Jumping High-Five

If it’s been longer than you can remember since you’ve successfully completed a shock-and-awe jump, celebrating may be better done on the ground. This becomes even more true when others are involved, allowing for falling, wrecks, or in-air collisions.

Over Pouting

Believe it or not, tensing the muscles can cause for more pains than fancy tricks. This means no slouching or excessive head hanging. Be sure to sit in a relaxed position to keep the neck, back, and legs in prime working order. 

Reenactment Dunks

No matter how sweet that last dunk was, leave it to the pros (or rather, the yet-to-go-pros). Jumping indoors can lead to a number of consequences, including busted ankles, strained muscles, and shattered knickknacks. 

Fits of Anger

Disappointment can come with a real sting, but that’s no reason to ruin any belongings – including body parts. 

Whatever the Mascot is Doing

Mascots are trained professionals. If they’re doing flips or extensive lunges, consider taking it down a few notches before recreating the moves. Exception: certain dances that can double as fun and exercise, while offering minimal bodily distress.

Chest Bumps

A normal way to celebrate (usually among men), the “chest bump” might be more dangerous than it seems. Because they’re performed in-air, these bumps can jar both muscles and bones into awkward positions – whether momentarily or longer-term.

To keep your body tip-off ready at all times, remember to avoid the above during your next viewing party.