Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – The Perks of Being Green

Today, on the greenest of all holidays we’re excited to celebrate the best things about the festive color – with the help of our favorite movie characters. From the ease of travel to never having to lift a heavy object again, green comes with plenty of perks. And with only a little costume makeup, we too can help celebrate all of these teal, lime, and forest-hued characteristics.

Jiminy Cricket

The famous conscious/grasshopper combo from Pinocchio. He taught us how to tell right from wrong while proving no attire is too fancy for an insect. Plus, with his amazing jumping abilities, Jiminy could get around easily without putting a strain on his legs or back.

Kermit the Frog

Though his hit single reminds us that being green isn’t all that easy, his Muppet status has us believing otherwise. How many times has he fallen, been thrown, or contorted on screen? And he has zero injuries to show for it. Here’s to hoping the rest of us can be so lucky.

The Incredible Hulk

Who needs to worry about the proper methods of lifting when your muscles defy physics? Still able to live most days as a “normal” human, all it takes is a swift bit of anger to rearrange the living room.


Another strong lifter, Shrek would likely laugh at the idea of a weight belt. Just give him a forest and trees that need moved and he’ll get the work done in no time, and without the help of heavy machinery.


This former cartoon star showed us just how important it is to stay flexible. Watch him bend and stretch his way through almost every situation, without so much as a strained muscle to show for it.

The Wicked Witch of the West/Elphaba

When you have green skin, you also have power. Or at least that was this evil character’s mantra. She even traveled via broom to save on fuel and avoid poor lumbar support that came with buggies. So long as she stayed away from water, her green skin was a huge advantage.


– Though he might’ve talked in riddles, Yoda is arguably the most powerful Jedi master of all time. A few lessons from him and you’ll never have to worry about manually moving your sunken spaceship from a foggy creek again.