Monday, March 24, 2014

Channel Your Inner Love for Color With the New Flip Pillow Covers

For years we’ve been giving customers something to get excited about: comfortable support that’s as good for the body as it feels. With our latest release, however, we’ve brought a touch of fun to an all-time favorite. Now, the Flip Pillow can be transformed into everyone’s most-loved colors. Simply change out your case to add style, décor, and a bit of personalization to your favorite pillow. Choose from navy, light blue, green, tan, or classic white for a version that fits both your taste and style.

Best of all, now you can order a pillow cover with your next Flip Pillow to receive free shipping. Get the pillow as a gift and keep the extra case for yourself, or order a new model to keep in the living or guest room – so you never have to be without your Flip again. An extra case also allows for the ability to keep your pillow fresh and clean at all times, even when scheduled laundry is days away.

And considering all the benefits of the Flip Pillow, it’s hard to ignore this stellar deal. Users can gain neck and back support, prop up the legs, or sleep on a slight to intense incline (depending on your preference). Twist and mold the pillow to meet your specific needs, while gaining equal amounts of comfort and spine alignment.

With the Flip Pillow, you can easily eliminate neck and spinal pain just by sleeping or relaxing in a more spine-friendly position.

How to Order Your Flip Pillow

Whether you’re excited about the new hues or just need a new Flip Pillow (for you or a loved one), head over Contour Living’s fact page. Here you can learn everything you need to know about the crowd favorite, including how to save on your next model. Click today to get started.