Wednesday, March 19, 2014

4 Foods to Reduce Muscle Soreness

Because the body is a complication of functions, there are several pieces holding us together. From every angle. From the bones that support our weight, to the organs that help us breathe and pump blood, to the muscles allowing us to move, there are hundreds of parts all working as a team. Which means that, when pain or soreness occurs, the nerves aren’t always to blame. And oftentimes, it’s the very muscles they help support instead.

Whether you’re coming in from a long run or lifted that dining room chair wrong, remember these super foods to help build and repair muscles.

4. Carbs

After a workout or strenuous use of the muscles, remember to load up on carbohydrates. While it’s important for the active to consume before working out, stocking up during rebuilding sessions is just as important. And if bread just isn’t your thing, consider pasta or carb-heavy alternatives instead.

3. Antioxidants 

Nothing quite clears out the muscles like antioxidants. Be sure to get in a good helping to keep your body clear of toxins that can cause pain. Look to natural juices (cheery is a number one antioxidant blaster), ginger, or turmeric.

2. Small, Frequent Meals 

Rather than over-stuffing, which can prevent digestion and future movement, consider small meals throughout the day. By pacing the body, you can allow it to better heal itself without focusing too heavily on food processing. Healthy options are best here as well, such as fruit, protein bars, and greens.

Keep bars on hand as well for healthy snacking while on the go.

1. Protein Drinks

If working out, a protein drink can help start the recovery process almost immediately. Which is also a great choice for when you don’t feel like eating (post-runs or work out sessions). If sore from lifting, however, these drinks are simply a quicker way to replenish the body with the nutrients it needs.

Consider a liquid breakfast (generally the easiest meal to “skip”) or snack as soon as your muscles start showing signs of soreness.