Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Increase Pregnancy Comfort with the Flip Pillow

For mothers to be, sleeping through the night can be difficult – to say the least. Or, if not actual sleep, it’s hard to stay comfortable through weight gain, bladder pressure, and inability to sleep on your stomach. But no matter the cause behind it, it’s likely comfort – on some level – has managed to escape you in your growing form. Whether in the beginning stages of pregnancy or reaching toward the home stretch, this is a common factor that affects all trimesters.

However, there are also plenty of ways to reduce that growing pressure – such as the Flip Pillow. Coming in varied heights, this plush model allows ladies to rest on an incline, which reduces weight and settling that can come from lying flat. The incline also reduces uncomfortable side effects such as acid reflux or pressure points.

The Flip Pillow is also great for resting on the couch, reading or watching TV, and reducing back pain. Gaining disproportional weight in such a short amount of time has left countless expecting mothers with mid and lower back pains. This becomes even more complicated when favorite or preferred pain medications aren’t deemed safe for the baby. By sleeping or sitting with the Flip Pillow, however, back pains can be naturally reduced, and in a way that’s safe for both baby and mom.

Additional Flip Pillow Perks

Use it to prop or elevate legs to gain some much needed relief.
Adds comfort when on bed rest or after baby arrives.
Can be adjusted for steep or gradual inclines, depending on preference.
Offers plush support when sitting.

For women in all trimesters, using the Flip Pillow can offer a great deal of comfort. Even once baby arrives it can be used to prop, lean, and sleep on virtually any surface. Talk to your doctor about your sleeping surface options and get started on gaining serious comfort – pregnancy and all – today.

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