Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to Take Better Care of your Vertebrae

In the wide realm of back and spinal health, there are plenty of body parts that don’t get the attention they deserve. And by not tending to all of them, sudden pains or twinges can occur, or lay under the surface only to cause something more serious. And since the whole point of back health is set to include all of the back, why should little or underlying sections be any different?

This is especially true for the vertebrae, which are small but provide the literal backbone of the human body. Without these little puzzle pieces, we wouldn’t be able to stand, bend, stretch, or perform most of our daily movements. A tall order for such tiny bones to take on. But by working as a team, vertebrae are able to provide the strength and support the back needs.

So, are you taking care of your vertebrae as well as you should?

Steps for Better Back Health

According to medical professionals, taking care of vertebrae is as simple as taking care of your body. This means drinking plenty of water, proper resting habits (so muscles and bones can repair themselves), and getting in exercise/movement on a regular basis. Sounds cliché, right? While it may be an over-read list of habits, they’re also listed so often for a reason: they work. With plenty of fluids, the body can properly digest, circulate blood and other liquids, and replenish nutrients throughout the body. By sleeping regularly, the body is able to repair any minor injuries that may have taken place (even the ones we don’t know about). And by moving and getting in plenty of exercise, bones and muscles alike can stay loose and ready to take on a day’s worth of back-moving events.

And most importantly, doctors say to stay aware of any warning signs, such as ongoing aches or pains, which could be a sign of something more significant. [Everyday Health]

To take better care of your back, look to simple tips that focus on the vertebrae to better your back from the inside out.