Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Need an Excuse to Sleep Better? Check out These Funny YouTube Videos

The term “sleeping around” has long since had a sexual connotation. When taken in the more literal sense, however, sleeping around can simply mean sleeping – actually sleeping – in several places other than one’s bed. This can mean falling asleep in school, in the car (hopefully not while driving), in one’s sitting chair, or anywhere else where nodding off isn’t exactly comfortable. Sure, in some of these instances naps are taken on purpose, but when you’re too tired to stay awake in everyday situations, this can become a problem. One known as impromptu sleeping around.

Firm believers in the art of gaining a good night’s sleep, there is now an entire YouTube channel dedicated to this cause. Combined with its entertaining videos, Stop Sleeping Around allows viewers to learn about better sleep while laughing at those who aren’t. Or rather, laughing with them. In each short, someone is falling asleep while said fall or slow drift, is caught by a sleuth-y cameraman. For instance, a teacher falling out of her chair in the middle of class, or an unsuspecting guest diving headfirst into their dinner plate.

Like this one:

Whether using these videos for entertainment or for inspiration to get better sleep, they’re a great example as to what can happen when one doesn’t properly rest. Recharging is one of the body’s most important functions, and depriving it for too long can lead to more problems than just a sudden bout of sleep. But, by taking steps toward regular rest, you can easily keep health functions at their highest while avoiding an embarrassing sleep display in public.

To learn more about getting a better night of sleep at night or to tune into Stop Sleeping Around’s videos, head to their YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

I love this campaign! It is so creative.