Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Could Your Sleep Improve With the Right Type of Pillow?

When was the last time you bought a new pillow? Or even considered upgrading to a more customized model? For those who weak up unrested or with regular aches, your pillow just may be to blame. Yet it’s one of the most overlooked factors of sleep-related issues. Whether worn out or not offering the right type of support for the way you sleep, pillows have a far bigger affect on sleep than most of us ever realize. Without the proper support, levels, or structure to cradle the neck and head, folks can see a dramatic decrease in sleep quality … and without ever even knowing why.

Because everyone sleeps differently, however, everyone’s pillow should offer different features. Side sleepers need their neck to stay propped without over-elevating the head. Stomach sleepers need a flatter surface to lay their head. While outside medical conditions, such as acid reflux or sleep apnea can call for a whole new level of equipment. For instance pillow wedges that raise the body on a comforting incline. This is great for keeping acid reflux at bay, and allow allows for better sleep during colds, or just a cozy way to lie before bed.

Those with sleep apnea can use a pillow with special cut-outs for their mask, that way there’s no disconnect between trying to obtain better sleep, but not being able to because of one’s sleeping equipment.

The Universal Pillow

Some options will offer multiple perks for sleepers, no matter how they prefer to snooze. Thanks to the help of cradling technology and foam that won’t wear or sag over time. That way, no matter your go-to sleeping position, the neck and head can receiving the cradling that they need. And in the process, sleep can be improved as well.

If you wake up groggy or with aches and pains one or more mornings per week, it may be time for a better pillow. Check out Contour’s selection (here) to get the right model for your resting needs.