Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Contour Cloud Pillow: Now in Cool Cloud Edition

For years folks have been sleeping soundly with the Contour Pillow. With its ability to support and create spine and head comfort all night long – as though one was sleeping on a cloud – it's easy to see why this product has gained such clout. But now the pillow can be taken one step further; it offers cooling abilities. Hot sleepers can rest with ease without overheating through the night, while still resting on their favorite Contour Cloud surface. 

It's a pillow that combines some of our favorite things, while still creating plenty of padding along the way. And for anyone who gets a little too hot while they sleep, it can be the perfect bedding addition. Some folks choose to use the Cool Cloud pillow only during warmer months, while others sleep hot year round. 

How the Pillow Works

The Cloud Pillow consists of three layers that are specifically designed to hold their shape, and to keep the neck aligned whether you choose to sleep on your side, back, or stomach. All of which is consistent with the original Contour Cloud Pillow.

The Cool Cloud pillow also hosts a pointed ventilated system that breaths as you sleep. Each layer is made to pass air and reflect warmer temps so they aren't  absorbed into your sleeping surface. Additionally, the soft air mesh layer is composed of 99% air for maximum breathability. That smart science will help keep you cooled all night long. The pillow's memory foam core is also made of a ventilated material, preventing body heat from ever reaching the center of your pillow.

Learn more about the Contour Cool Cloud Pillow by heading to our product page. Order yours today for a proven way to remain cool, no matter how high summer temps might get.