Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Clean Your CPAP Mask – A Step-by-Step Guide

Last week we talked about the importance of keeping your CPAP mask clean, and how doing so can greatly help with your sleep apnea treatments. Today we discuss the best way to clean your mask. By following proper protocol, you can work toward a germ-free mask and effective treatments every time you head to bed.


Before you get started, ensure you have everything on hand for a proper mask cleaning. You'll need either CPAP mask wipes, or quick access to a sink, gentle liquid soap, a clean dry towel, and a washcloth or soft-bristled brush (optional). 

Getting Started

Each morning after waking up, take your mask apart. This should only take a few seconds; you can find instructions on the user guide, if needed. This includes pulling apart tubes, headgear, extra pads, and soft sleeves. Wipe down each of these sections thoroughly with careful attention to remove facial oils, and any other grime that has built up. Though sections might not feel or look dirty after a single night's use, daily cleaning is the best way to ensure you're breathing clean air as you sleep. This routine will also prevent a thick germ build up from taking root.

If you're using soap and water, turn on warm water (not hot) and start wiping down each piece with a gentle soap. You can use a cloth or a soft brush to reach nooks and crannies. (If you are using wipes, once a week you should rinse tubes with soap and water to clean these hard-to-reach places.)

Then it's time to go back and check your work – look for remaining dirt or soap that wasn't thoroughly rinsed. Dry with a clean towel and let parts sit flat so they can dry. Keep out of direct sunlight, and remember it will take longer for the insides of tubes to fully air out.

Cleaning your CPAP mask is a simple process, and it's one that will allow you to get better use out of your nightly treatments. Start cleaning your mask for a better way to gain sleep apnea relief.