Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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It has happened to nearly all of us. You return home from a delicious meal out and are ready for a peaceful night of sleep. You drift off and before you know it, you wake up with a burning pain in your chest and throat that makes it impossible to fall back to sleep. This struggle is all too common for an estimated 70% of adults in the United States. Out of that 70%, for 1 in 3 Americans, the condition is chronic.
Imagine if you could reduce the discomfort associated with your Acid Reflux or GERD with a touch of a button. With the Mattress Genie Incline Sleep System, now you can!
The Painful Truth About Acid Reflux
GERD and acid reflux symptoms often occur more frequently at night when lying in bed because our bodies are in a horizontal position – our stomach and head are at approximately the same level. This position makes it easy for the highly acidic contents of the stomach to flow into the esophagus, causing the painful sensation of heartburn. More importantly, when the contents of the stomach do move into the esophagus, they tend to stay longer than they would during the day when gravity helps pull them back into the stomach. The longer they are in contact with the esophagus, the more time they have to damage the cellular lining. Symptoms of nighttime reflux can be quite sever and wake up even the soundest sleepers. Ultimately, reflux disease prevents many people from getting a full nights rest. With inadequate sleep, this may lead to other health related issues and reduce your quality of life if not treated.
The Best Known Secret for Living with Reflux
In addition to losing weight, avoiding trigger foods and limiting caffeine and alcohol intake helps alleviate your reflux pain. While doctors always push healthy life style changes, they also share the most effective solution to combating your reflux, which simply is elevate your body while sleeping. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s Dr. Laura Gerson, “Head-of-bed elevation has been shown to be effective in terms of improving pH as well as GERD symptoms. Head-of-bed elevation is effective, particularly for subjects with nocturnal GERD, because of the fact that stomach contents containing acid will more likely reflux into the esophagus while patients are lying flat without the beneficial effect of gravity. Head-of-bed elevation has been associated with significantly fewer and shorter reflux episodes, faster acid clearing, and fewer reflux symptoms.”
Considering how effective elevated sleeping is for Acid Reflux and GERD, there are various solutions to help you reach the optimal incline if 6-8 inches to relieve your symptoms. Putting blocks under the head of bed is a simple and cheap way to raise your sleeping surface. However, this can be difficult to do if you are alone or elderly. The front legs of your bed also may not be strong enough to support the added pressure of the head of the bed being at an incline. Piling up pillows may seem like an easy fix, but this can actually be counterproductive as this position may cause your body to bend at the waist, adding to the upward pressure, or even worse, go flat. Pillows can also shift during the night and wedges can be unattractive and prohibitive to sleeping with a partner. Adjustable beds are an option but are often not in the budget. We think we’ve come up with the perfect solution.
Best Bed Wedge Solution for Back or Side Sleepers Struggling With Acid Reflux
Our new Mattress Genie Incline Sleep System is an inflatable bed wedge that is easy to install under any type of mattress and inflates easily by using the illuminated remote control. This inflatable wedge solution elevated your entire torso and hips up to 8 inches, which is the optimal include for treating heartburn and indigestion. With the full torso support, the Mattress Genie Incline Sleep System is the perfect solution for those who sleep on their back, side or multi-positions at night. When not in use, the Mattress Genie Incline Sleep System can be fully deflated, giving the appearance of any normal mattress. Standard  foam bed wedges are shorter in length than the ISS and which limits the sleeping surface, causing an unnatural bend at the hips which can increase pressure on the lower back and legs. The gentle slope provided by the Mattress Genie ISS virtually eliminates the possibility of slipping or sliding down which may occur when using a foam bed wedge or pillows.
There are many advantages to elevation therapy: it will reduce nighttime reflux episodes, promote faster acid clearing in the event of a reflux episode, and shorten the duration of stomach contents being in contact with the delicate lining of the esophagus, which will promote healing. Complications from nighttime reflux may be reduced resulting in improved quality of sleep which is so vital to our health and wellbeing. Visit https://www.contourliving.com/mattress-genie-incline-sleep-system-bed-wedge/ to learn more.  All of our Contour Branded products are covered under our 45 Day Comfort Guarantee and 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Start experiencing relief from the symptoms of acid reflux and GERD today with the Mattress Genie Incline Sleep System!