Thursday, March 10, 2016

5 Sleeping Disorders and Celebrates Who Have Them

It's true – celebrities are just like everyone else, you can even ask People Magazine. That's a mantra that's true even with sleeping disorders. Whether you suffer from one yourself or are looking toward keeping your nightly routine in check, take a look at these well-known sleep sufferers and how they help keep their conditions under control. 

Narcolepsy – Jimmy Kimmel

The comedian and late night talk show host has admitted to being extremely tired throughout the day, causing him to fall asleep often, especially in the afternoons. After being diagnosed and treating his narcolepsy with drugs, Kimmel has admitted his case is "fairly mild," and he actually benefits from its unique qualities, such as being able to fall asleep very quickly.  

Sleep Apnea, Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq's size is most often pointed as the cause of his sleep apnea, a fact he also agrees causes his loss of sleep. After being tired and with complaints of snoring from his girlfriend, he participated in a sleep study and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Shaq said he found relief with a nasal CPAP mask, after finding that other masks wouldn't fit his large figure.

Side note- Gene Simmons (Kiss bassist) was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea on his biopic "Family Jewels" TV series.  Here is a clip:

Snoring, Kevin Jonas

According to his wife, the Jonas brother snores far louder than the average person. Though the noise waves fluctuate, she admits to opting for the guest bedroom when his noises are unbearable. 

Sleepwalking, Jennifer Aniston

The actress says she has sleepwalked on a number of occasions, most often when under a large amount of stress or after not getting enough sleep. Tens of other famous folks attribute sleepwalking to their lack of routine. 

Insomnia, Madonna

The same goes for not being able to sleep. With stress and grueling schedules, Madonna, along with plenty other industry cohorts admit to difficulties falling asleep. Most agree that travel and inconsistent hours, along with schedules that are constantly changing, are some of the biggest offenders. 

Are you suffering from one of these sleeping orders? Consider lifestyle changes or talk with your doctor to find a personalized method to keep your sleeping habits under control.