Tuesday, March 8, 2016

4 Ways to Regulate Your Sleep Through Daylight Savings

This Sunday, the U.S, Canada, and most of Western Europe will participate in the spring event of Daylight Savings Time. A day where, twice per year, we adjust our clocks in order to get the most efficient levels of daylight possible. Along with saving energy, the perks are plentiful – but that doesn't mean we like losing an hour of sleep once a year … even if we do get to gain it back later. 

In fact Arizona, parts of Canada, and countries in three other continents have since done away with the practice altogether, opting for standard time year-round. 

For the rest of the population who will be operating on a 23-hour-day this weekend, use these tips to avoid losing out on sleep. And to help keep your body regulated on your new, earlier-than-usual hour. 

1. Ease in With an Earlier Bedtime

We get it, it's hard to sleep when it's still. And it's even harder to get up when it's dark, but the clock will still tick, no matter how unhappy you are about it. If you're not a morning person, go to bed a little earlier at night until you're acclimated to the shift. Even 15 minutes can help.

2. Keep Your Morning Routine

Just a few weeks ago the sun was still sleeping in – so waking before sunrise should be an easy change. Just stick to your daily routine; do the same things at the same times and you'll have an easier adjustment.

3. Absorb Morning Light

Once the sun does come up, soak it in. Even when indoors, the presence of natural light helps to wake the body and can naturally perk up your senses.

4. Power Through

It's safe to say you'll be tired, especially for the first few days. However, sleeping in or skipping chores will only make it harder to adjust. Instead, fake being rested until your body has officially adjusted. 

Don't forget to set your clocks back this Sunday, March 13th – the jump will take place at 2 am local time and will move your respective time zone to DST until fall. 

Be sure to stay rested through the jump with these proven tips.