Thursday, March 17, 2016

Recover From Your Tummy Tuck with the BackMax Plus

Surgery and its subsequent recovery is an invasive and painful process. Even when dealing with minor procedures, the body needs plenty of rest and relaxation time in order to get itself back to normal. Treatment causes physical stress, which then takes time and TLC to physically overcome. But thanks to the BackMax Plus, you can do so with a pillow that's specifically designed to help that process along. All with your choice of body healthy positions that are meant to reduce pressure and increase blood flow. Not only does this reduce pain, it's a step that can lower healing time while adding 24-hour comfort.

Why the BackMax Helps After Your Tummy Tuck

With eight different positions to choose from, the BackMax allows you to adjust and find a position that's the most comfortable for you. Everyone will experience a slightly varied healing process, and using the BackMax can ensure you're sitting or sleeping in a position that's the most comfortable for your needs.

The cushion also reduces tension and strains on your most sensitive areas. It pulls stress away from the stomach and relieves pressure from the lower back. Often times after a tummy tuck, patients try laying on their side or back, but can only hold these positions for a short period before back pain kicks in. But with the BackMax Plus, that back pain is eliminated. This allows you to stay in a position that's made for healing – from your tummy tuck, or any number of other different surgeries.

The Reviews are Incredible! 

Don't just take our word for it, see what these real-life patients have to say about their post-surgery experience. From post-labor injuries, to butt lifts, to back surgeries, tummy tucks, and more, they're singing the BackMax's praises. Head to's reviews to hear their experiences and more.