Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Perks Behind a Travel-Friendly Seat Cushion

Sitting in a vehicle for hours at a time is no chore. No matter what type of health situation(s) you've got going on. Those with neck cramps will certainly see their pains magnified. While those who are in perfect health will simply become uncomfortable. Our bodies were made to stand, stretch, and walk, not stay plopped in the same position for hours on end. Yet when traveling, especially around the holiday season, said long-term sitting is often a necessity. 

For those end-of-the-year travel sessions, consider giving your seat an upgrade. It's a simple change (and inexpensive), but will give your rear a whole new life for the entirety of the trip. Back pain will be out the window, and your car ride will fly by faster than ever before.

Travel seat cushions work to keep the rear cushioned and supported, this often eliminates pain associated with displaced weight, especially when sitting for hours on end. They also align the spine, which leaves your lower and upper back steadily in place, often eliminating discomfort all on its own. Additional features, such as coccyx cutouts relief pressure (great for anyone with an aching tailbone). Foam or memory cushions will shape to your body over time, creating an even more comfortable surface. 

Sitting atop one of these specialized cushions can also increase blood flow to the rear. This means circulation throughout the entire body will be improved, even though you're seated for long periods at a time. All of the above can make for a more enjoyable road trip, and one that goes much quicker.

To stock up on all your travel rear/back related needs, head to Contour Living's product page. Here you can learn more about each cushion, and find the one that will best suit your sitting needs.