Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Product! The LA Wedge Headrest Pillow

Picture this scenario: You're at the beach. You have a swim bag full of goodies, a towel to lay out on (or dry off with), and a cooler to keep drinks cold. It likely took you two or more trips just to get everything there, and now you have to dig through an entire bag to find your sunblock. 

Sounds stressful – even at the beach – right?

With the help of Contour Living's new product, the LA Wedge Headrest, all of the above just got a whole lot easier. 

What is it?

The LA Wedge Headrest is a two-in-one product. It serves as a comfortable pillow on which you can rest your head, and it holds your belongings safely in place. Hidden from plain sight. It's even insulated so you can use it as a cooler. Without losing out on pillow capabilities, of course. 

How it Works

The next time you're headed to the pool or beach, just pack up your goodies in your wedge compartment. Strap the convenient shoulder piece across your body, and head off for a good place to tan. Use the wedge as a pillow when laying out, and you're all set! Now you can reach in for a cold drink, your cell phone, or whatever else, whenever needed. 

And the rest of the time you have access to a comfortable pillow. All in one easy-to-use product.

Other perks:
  • Choose from six bright colors – perfect for locating beach accessories.
  • Consists of coated, sturdy foam to keep you upright and prevent water from reaching your belongings.
  • It floats! No worries about losing this incredible device to a rogue wave!

Start reaping the benefits of this cool, comfortable product today. It's one product that'll have you saying "cowabunga" every time you reach the shore.