Thursday, July 9, 2015

Foot Detox Remedies: Do They Work?

By now we know there's far more to a healthy lifestyle than just eating "healthy." Exercise, proper sleep routines, interaction with others, positivity, and more all contribute to taking care of your body, and allowing yourself to be a well-rounded, happy individual. With the help of natural remedies and old wives' tales, however, folks are able to boost those same efforts. Without the side effects of chemicals that are slated to slow us down … and essentially work toward the opposite effect we're striving for. 

Foot detoxification has been an ongoing trend growing in both use and skepticism. Where the feet are placed in various solutions in order to allow toxins to exit the body. Pads are also used, and work to pull those same toxins from foot pores. Results are said to not only remove unnatural substances from the body, but to increase relaxation, eliminate or decrease pain, boost wellness, etc. Those who are regulars even swear by it.

However, as the practice has become more popular (branching out from the "crunchy" or everything DIY community), more folks are getting in on the conversation. Especially skeptics and scientists, many of whom are working to prove these detox methods false.

But are they actually working? Or are the scientists right? 

There's no denying the rave customer reviews – those that are overjoyed with positivity. One could say that it's the placebo effect, of course. There's also evidence of actual toxins – funky colored water and footpads soaked in greens and blacks. Here, scientists proclaim that reactions within the soaks (some are electrically charged) change the color of the water. 

To find out who's right, it's a good idea to talk to a natural health guru. Or to try the method for yourself and see how it makes you feel. If nothing else, there are no side effects, other than cost, making it a minimal-risk quest. Or, schedule a talk with your medical doctor to find out more.