Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Want Better Foot Health? Let Your Shoes do the Work

The body is a complicated piece of machinery. When one area is acting up or in pain, it’s often felt in an additional body part – whether or not it’s close to the trigger. Which also means, when one area is improved by way of comfort and or workability, additional sections also feel that vast adjustment. And they react for the better. 

One of the easiest ways to cash in on these “I help you, you help me” bodily situations is through the feet. By offering better support and stabilization, you can create a situation in which the feet are healthier … and helping outside areas become healthy as well. Such as the back, legs, hips, and more. 

It works by first ensuring that your walking surface is steady and firm, allowing your weight to be evenly displaced. When out of whack, continued walking (or running or standing) will cause even further problems on up. But when steady and in place, that same momentum is repeated.

Shoes that Support

Get started by adjusting your shoes. Buy a pair that is made to fit your foot shape, especially around the arch. Inserts can also do wonders for comfort as well as logistics. You should also make sure the type of shoe you’re wearing is best slated for your feet. For instance, flip-flops require the toes to grip and the heels to “flop.” High heels push all the weight forward, and flats rarely offer cushion. 

If you’re not wearing tennis shoes, consider brands that specialize in foot cradling. Or, talk to your doctor, even a shoe expert, about what styles are best meant for your foot shape. 

There’s plenty to be gained from wearing the “right” type of shoe. Plan your next shopping trip to start cashing in on better foot health.