Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sit in Style with the Kabooti

For those who sit all day, you know just how terrible it can be. Hours upon end on the rear, likely perched upon a surface that’s lacking in the way of support. Or even if it’s not, over time, your chair will begin to sink and sag with your own weight. It’s just a necessary evil from working behind a desk. 

Thankfully, however, there’s something you can do about it. With the help of a specialized cushion, such as the Kabooti, you can help reduce pains that are associated with long-term sitting. As well as increasing comfort in the process. 

How it Works

Because the Kabooti Cushion has a coccyx cutout, it allows the tailbone to essentially “sink” and settle in its own weightlessness. While reducing pressure, but still offering plenty of support with the surrounding areas of the rear. That way the meatiest parts are held into place, which keeps the back aligned and in better posture. 

When associated with long-term sitting, this means better back and muscle health, better back alignment, and reduced pain from continued weight and how it previously settled into the chair. It can also help you sit up straight on your own, making you more alert to continue the workday. Not to mention stronger abdominal muscles and body memory to sit correctly without even thinking about it.

The Logistics

  • Three sections in one: a donut ring, coccyx cushion, seat wedge
  • Unique lobes improve seating balance and comfort
  • Provides comfort for hemorrhoids, surgeries, or other rear pain
  • One continual foam piece to increase function and longevity
  • Tapered front end to reduce pressure points and better fit under tables or desks

And because the Kabooti is made of specialized foam, it won’t wear or break down. It was made to support for hours on end, and has the material integrity to do so. Best of all – it’s incredibly comfortable! 

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