Friday, April 3, 2015

What Sleepers Have to Say About the Mattress Genie

Sleeping in comfort has always been the way to go. But just because you’re heading to bed doesn’t mean you’re ready to sleep. Sometimes you schedule a little reading or TV watching. Or are ready to check out that latest magazine before catching some Zs. With the help of the Mattress Genie Motorized Bed Wedge, however, those activities are no longer an issue. 

Sit up straight and read until your heart’s content. Without losing any comfort in the process. This mattress accessory is also great for sleeping with a cold, helping to reduce acid reflux symptoms and more. But don’t just take our word for it. See what real-life users have to say about the product. 

The Genie exceeded our expectations. It works great with our 14-inch mattress on our queen size bed. My wife recently had heart surgery and needs to change bed positions often to be comfortable. The Genie works great.” March 2015

“This is a great product to raise the head of the bed.” February 2015

“I slept in a recliner for two years because I have sleep apnea and was afraid to sleep in my bed. I have now slept in my bed using the genie and have had three solid nights of sleep, waking up at a decent hour with my cats tucked around me. I couldn't be happier. I have a product that has saved me thousands of dollars over an adjustable bed and taken away my fear of having a sleep apnea attack. After all, if a Genie can lift a garage door, why can't it lift a mattress!” December 2014

“Because of knee and back problems, I've had to sleep in a recliner for years. Now I'm back in bed because of the Mattress Genie! Works great! Thank you so much!” November 2014

Se were on the verge of getting a hospital bed when we discovered Mattress Genie. We have been using Mattress Genie for 6 years and wouldn't trade it for anything. Mattress Genie gives us total control and comfort and the Contour Living Products staff provide excellent customer service. Who could ask for more!” July 2014