Thursday, October 4, 2012

10 Pillows in 1 - The new Flip Pillow

10 Pillows in 1 - see the uses here
See the new Flip Pillow by Contour Products - get 10 pillows in 1!
Whether you buy one or more Flip Pillows, you can arrange them in a huge variety of positions, placements and areas of your body to satisfy so many so needs.

  • Place the Flip Pillow under your upper body to act as a wedge, gently elevating you body during sleep
  • Place under arms to make reading on your stomach a breeze
  • Then simply go to sleep - the Flip Pillow makes a great stomach sleeping pillow
  • Prop up behind back for upright support
  • Use behind back, neck and head for support while relaxing on couch
  • Flip the wedge out of the way and use the smaller portion as a bed pillow
  • Use under your legs to elevate knees for improved circulation and to ease lower back pain
  • Place Flip Pillow under feet to elevate and soothe tired feet
  • Place the Flip Pillow in any chair to improve posture and lower back (lumbar support
  • Helps to allow reading in multiple style chairs
  • Use two Flip Pillows for a combination wedge and knee support
Create your own unique positions.  Now the Flip Pillow comes in larger queen and king sizes as well.

Makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love.  get yours today!