Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reduce Neck Pain and Tension

New Self-Massage Tool for Neck Pain & Tension

Neck King is a self-massage tool designed to release tension in the neck and back muscles. Its four strategically placed bumps allow users to apply pressure to various areas of the neck and back.  It is very easy to use - simply place under desired area (neck, back, legs, etc) and relax.  The raised contour areas will  melt into the areas of tension.  Use daily to reduce pain and pressure on nerves throughout your body.

Neck Muscles and Surrounding Area
  1. Laying down on your back, raise your head and place the Neck King  under your neck, with the lower bumps facing your body. Keep the neck centered between those bumps.
  2. Relax your body and let the bumps melt into your tense muscles.
  3. Gently rock your head to one side then the other, looking for other tender areas to work.
  4. Stay over the tender areas on both sides of the neck, allowing the muscles to relax and associated tension to release. Tender areas should become less tender with daily use of Neck King.
  5. Finally, stretch your neck by allowing your head to roll all the way to each side. Hold the stretch and relax. Repeat this several times. This will help increase your range of motion.
Back Area
  1. Laying on your back, place a pillow under your head 
  2. Place the Neck King just below the pillow and carefully lower your back onto it. Make sure to keep your spine centered between the bumps
  3. Relax your body and let the bumps melt into your tense muscles
  4. To work each side more intensely, you can bend your knees so your feet rest flat on the floor. Then, gently rock your knees side to side. This will allow you to focus more on one side