Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why You Should Stretch Before Bed

If you stretch in the morning before getting up, you know it can be a great way to let oxygen into the bloodstream. It perks muscles up, allows them to breathe, and is a quick way to jumpstart your entire body for the day. And those are only a handful of perks that come with muscles that are regularly stretched. It can also be beneficial to stretch at night – essentially "waking up" the muscles before bed. 

Why? Stretching also relaxes and soothes the muscles. It helps ease them into rest, and pulls out excess tightness or tension that was hiding deep within. Focusing on the back especially will also help your spine and bones settle, which can then reduce sleeping pains. As we rest, the body often falls into awkward positions, which then cause aches and pains. But by promoting better alignment early on, you can reduce these painful layouts before they take place. 

Do You Need a Routine?

Maybe. If you have a particular area that bothers you (any time of day), talk to a doctor or sleeping specialist about stretches that might help. Either by toning, or strengthening a specific area. Or, experiment on your own and see which movements provide the best relief. Tips and tutorials can also be found online, especially when using props like a foam roller or a stretching band. You might even find that you like additional stretches from a workout perspective, not just because they help you relax. 

Stretching, when paired with a healthy sleep routine, can work to greatly increase your body's efficiency levels. As well as your ability to res and ongoing comfort patterns. Consider starting your own stretching regimen for an easy, effective way to prep your body for deep and restful sleep.