Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What is the Best CPAP Pillow?

Reduce CPAP Mask Leaks and pressure with a CPAP Pillow
What is it that truly qualifies something as the "best"? Is it style? Function? Comfort? A combination of all of the above? Opinions on what contributes to best status will certainly vary from person to person. But in the case of the CPAP pillow – or even a slew of them – it can be argued that the best pillow is the one who sets out to do its specialized function. In this case: to help CPAP machine users get a better night's rest, and to not feel bogged down by their machine. 

Through years of CPAP machine usage, a number of sleeping problems, or rather discomforts, have come to light. Pillows that get in the way of the mask, even ones that push it back into one's face. Those that are too heavy, or don't allow for sufficient movement throughout the night (or if traveling). As well as pillows that can actually hinder the air tube, the very bones behind the CPAP machine itself. 

That's also why Contour Products worked so hard to create options that address all of the above, and more. 

Choose from our various CPAP pillows to find the best model for your comfort needs. However, each version comes with a few key features. They can cradle and support the head and neck, they have special cutouts to accommodate the CPAP mask and other equipment, like tubes, and they're made to sleep on either side. Who wants to worry about choosing their sleeping position when ordering a pillow? These CPAP accessories allow you to adjust and move as needed, without hindering your treatment. 

With a specialized pillow, those suffering from sleep apnea can get better use out of their CPAP therapy options. Head to Contour Living's CPAP pillow page to learn more, or start a chat with one of representatives for answers to your personalized questions.