Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Times are Changing: Virtual Doctors

Generally, when we think of going to the doctor, we think of actually going to see the doctor. Where you book an appointment, wait in a common room, and then have vitals taken and stored in a chart. Not just seeing a medical professional arbitrarily – by chance or through technology. But with the help of some innovative websites, that's exactly what's taking place. You can now see the doctor virtually – by talking with he or she online. Users can schedule an appointment, talk out their symptoms, and even obtain a prescription. All without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Obviously there are certain tests that can't be done over the computer. But for those who might be severely contagious or need to discuss something specific, they can do so online. Or if you need to discuss pains or how your body has changed through aches and located tightness. Sometimes, these discussions can be done right then and there. Other times, by booking an appointment when it's most convenient. 

These virtual interactions are making "visits" more efficient and more affordable. Most platforms take insurance, while those who don't charge less than a traditional appointment. While some even give patients the choice to have it covered or pay out of pocket. 

Is it always the best option? Most likely not. But for those with high-speed Internet and a high-speed schedule, it's nice to know that options exist. Especially those that are more budget friendly. 

The next time you're sick, suffering muscle or back pains, or just need a medical opinion, consider going online instead. It's a quick way to talk to an actual person, but without footing the headaches that usually comes with it. 

Talk to your doctor or search online for this up-and-coming medical alternative.