Thursday, January 22, 2015

What Causes Cricks in the Neck?

No one likes starting their day with a crick in their neck. It’s painful, makes it hard to turn one’s head, and more often than not, lasts most of the day. Painful and practically incurable, it’s one of the worst ways to roll out of bed. But is still done by thousands of Americans each and every day. However, by working to identify these initial causes, we can eliminate their symptoms. From first waking up each morning to the very end of the workday. 

Cricks in the neck are most often caused by:

Straining the Neck 

If you work at a desk, or need to stretch and strain throughout the day, you’re more likely to irritate the muscles. Make sure monitors are at eye level. Also, any reading or driving should be done in a neck-friendly position.

Sleeping “Wrong”

If you have too many pillows, or sleep on a surface that’s too soft, you can cause ongoing pains by stretching or reducing support for the muscles. Instead, opt for a foam pillow that cradles the head, allowing the neck to relax along with the rest of the body.

Pulled Muscles

Generally, muscles that get the least amount of attention are pulled most often. By working out different parts of the body (or just stretching them), you can help strengthen muscles, eliminating the chance at injury. Even just from sleeping. 

Bad Posture

Slouching or sitting in a hunched over position can put pressure on the wrong parts of the neck (and those areas that are most sensitive). Remember to sit up straight and avoid leaning forward for long periods of time. 

To avoid getting a crick in the neck, avoid these dangerous tactics and look to their proven cures instead.