Tuesday, January 13, 2015

5 Ways to Stick to your Workout Routine

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is that of getting in shape. With it, though, comes one of the least-made goals: staying in shape. Though folks of all ages and sizes vow to start eating better and going to the gym, it’s often an empty promise. Months later, the majority will be back to their old habits and eating (and acting) just as unhealthy as ever.

To avoid the odds in 2015, check out these tips to help yourself make better routines. And to stick to your resolution for the entire year.

5. Create Manageable Goals

Don’t try and start out too lofty or you’ll never stay on board. Look to a diet that encompasses nutrition, but doesn’t cut out everything you love. While it might sound like a compromise, it’s a way to ensure you’re eating better, but won’t eliminate so much that you’re unhappy (and therefore more likely to “cheat”).

4. Mark Milestones

Write your achievements down. Then, write down achievements you want to make happen. Whatever form helps you keep track of what progress has been made, and what’s on the way, do it. It works as a measurable way to look at real-time progress. 

3. Tell Friends

Whether they’re joining you or just acting as encouragement, telling others what you wish to do is a great way to stay on track. Others can help hold you accountable and remind you when you’re doing a good job. 

2. Eliminate Temptation

Throw out the junk food, remind yourself couch lounging is not an option (at least for too long at a time), and more. By getting rid of the habits you don’t want, you can help reduce them once and for all. 

1. Reward Yourself

After all that hard work, you’re going to need some continual motivation. Take yourself shopping, buy that new car accessory, or have a cheat day (just one!) and eat something you’ve been craving.

Just by giving yourself a little slack, you’re far more likely to stay healthy for the long haul, increasing your chances at staying on task throughout 2015.