Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Did you Know? Sleep Position Affects Quality

Everyone has a favorite way they love to sleep. Positions they find more comfortable than others, and that allow them to rest more easily. This might be due to routine – the body knows when it sits a certain way, it’s time to get serious about sleep. However, recent research also shows that sleep position itself effects how well we’re able to sleep. Not only on an individual basis, but by evaluating the alignment of the body on the inside and out. 

What makes finding the perfect spot tricky, is that said alignment might change for each person. We will all find something slightly different a little more comfortable – whether due to preference, body type, or some additional factor. In this instance, it can help to adjust and see what works best. Try sleeping on your side a few nights (not necessarily in a row) and then see how deeply you rest. Do the same for your back and stomach for an overall comprehensive understanding of what allows you to sleep your best. 

However, there are a few instances that can help make this research process easier. Such as those with sleep apnea, who should never lay on their back – it only increases snoring and reduces the lungs ability to deeply breathe. Additionally, pregnant women shouldn’t sleep on their stomach (unless recommended by a doctor), and those with back or neck problems should compensate rather than leaving the body to fend for itself. This can mean leg pillows or other supportive features that work to enhance resting abilities. Side sleeping might be your favorite, but without help, ongoing pains can still occur. No matter how deeply you sleep. 

To gain access to better sleep, remember that positions can make all the difference. Adjust as needed and find what works for your body to achieve the best sleeping pattern possible.