Friday, October 24, 2014

Is Candy Affecting your Sleep?

With Halloween around the corner, those of all ages will soon be consuming large amounts of candy. Whether they earned it from trick-or-treating, or from the grocery store’s sale aisle – the population is about to get a whole lot sweeter. And while we know that eating too much sugar generally isn’t good for our health, that doesn’t stop us from doing it from time to time, especially on the best candy-based holidays. Especially when looking forward to seasonal favorites. 

However, weight gain and blood sugar aren’t the only things at risk when taking in too many sweetened items. Those who consume more than their fair share of candies can also lose sleep. When sugar overtakes our daily diet, it can actually lessen the quality of sleep you’re able to achieve while digesting it. Especially if running low on water or other healthy substances, such as specific nutrients. 

How Much is Too Much Sugar?

Depending on your weight and size, only a few pieces could put you over the edge. This intake level can also be changed with the time of day desserts have been ingested. For instance, eating refined sugars before bed can stress your organs (especially those that deal with digesting), and affect your body’s ability to produce hormones. Each of these symptoms can cause you to wake throughout the night, simply from interrupting the body’s normal sleeping schedule. 

To avoid such negative effects associated with sweet tooth overload, take it easy on the candy. Or, if you’re a dessert lover, consider eating smaller portions, earlier in the day, so they can’t affect your nighttime bodily functions. 

Over time, planning for better digestion can lead to deeper, more relaxed forms of sleep while eliminating any sugar-based side effects. Start adjusting your diet today to gain better sleeping results.