Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Costumes to Incorporate your CPAP Mask

In just a few short weeks, Halloween parties will be thrown all across the country. Kids will trick-or-treat, and those of all ages, even the adults, will dress up in their favorite costumes. And whether you like to go all out or keep it simple (so simply you just add ears to your daily attire), there are plenty of costume ideas to explore. 

One way to save on accessories, while still creating a unique costume, is by incorporating a CPAP mask. The very same pieces of medical equipment that are used to help cure sleep apnea. Especially if you’re looking for a costume that’s more elaborate; these masks add an entire new layer of intricacy, but without hiking up the price. 

To incorporate your CPAP mask, consider dressing up as one of the following. 

A Bedtime-Ready Adult

Sure this might not be the most creative idea there ever was, but it just might be the most comfy. Just put on some PJs, add the mask, preferably with an air tank on wheels, and head to your favorite party destination. 

Surgery Patient 

The mask will let you look like you’re seconds from going under at all times. Just make sure your robe is pinned in the back.

Darth Vader

The proven CPAP-mask favorite.

Scooby Do, or Another Cartoon Dog

Certain CPAP masks look oddly snout-like. Paint your face before putting on the mask, or simply dress in Scooby fur to achieve this costume concept. 

Other animal ideas, such as an elephant, ant eater, and more can also be easily recreated with the help of a CPAP mask. 

Bane (From The Dark Night Rises)

Branch out into the villainous side by turning your mask into one that releases pain-killing gasses. (At least in your imagination.) Bonus: there’s no need for a wig! 

For even more CPAP costume ideas, check out this list.