Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Product! The Inflatable BackMax Body Wedge

Love the BackMax but need something more convenient for travel or storage? You’re in luck! Our new version of the product allows you to inflate and deflate at your convenience, creating a cushion that’s as flexible as your schedule. Air it up with the provided pump to recover after a surgery, or pack it along for your next trip. It’ll ensure comfortable resting no matter the sleeping situation. With this inflatable product, you’re able to get the pain relief you deserve in a user-friendly, mobile package, and without losing any of the comfort or support that comes with a traditional BackMax Plus. 

The BackMax Plus works by offering users three specifically designed wedges – that can be used separately or together – to form the perfect position. By combining or removing pieces, patients can best support body parts that need it, while choosing to bypass the ones that don’t. Or, use all three pieces at once to create the ultimate zero gravity position. It’s one that also promotes oxygen flow and circulation, to even further speed along the healing process. 

The BackMax Body Wedge Can Also:

  • Be adjusted to different levels of firmness – use less air for a softer feel, or fill it up for extra firmness. 
  • Be purchased in three different sizes, so you’re sure to find the right fit.
  • Customize to your body’s individual shape and size.
  • Reduce stress, pain, and strain throughout the body.
  • Create full body support … or be adjusted to host just one portion at a time.

Whether you’re using it to recover from an injury, or are just looking to add some comfort into your daily routine, the BackMax Plus offers an entire combination of ways to relax. And with its new inflatable counterpart, you never have to go without your favorite back product again. 

Head to Contour’s product page to start shopping!