Monday, April 29, 2013

Best Back Support Products For 2013

Nesw LumBuddy Lumbar and Back Cushion
Eighty percent of Americans are affected by some form of back pain. Back pain can be felt in the lower, upper or middle back. The back and spine should be supported at all times, especially while lifting, sitting, sleeping or while the body is at rest. Contour Living offers many ergonomic solutions, which provides the back with all kinds of support.

Here are some of our top back support products for 2013:

1.   LumbuddyBack Support Cushion is designed to provide flexible and cool support, no matter where the person sits. The Lumbuddy is designed with tapers at the center; this allows the cushion to conform to the body. It has beveled edges on the reverse side that is shaped to fit the seats of most vehicles. Lumbuddy is made of foam that is ventilated and highly resilient. It is covered with a cool mesh, which allows the air to flow easily minimizing any heat buildup. The Lumbuddy can also be used on small office or task chairs. The cushion features straps that can be configured in 3 different ways; this minimizes the cushion from slipping.

2.   BackRXby Nada Chair is designed to give the user reverse pressure from the knees. This will help stabilize the pelvis and provide lumbar support. The BackRX loops are made of 3 inch double elastic. The BackRX is clinically proven to reduce fatigue while seated and reduce slouching. The BackRX can be used with or without a chair.

3.   ContourFreedom Back Support Cushion provides full back support. This cushion is one of Contour Livings most popular lumbar support cushions. It features 10 zones which provide proper alignment and ergonomic support. It can be used on any chair or in any vehicle as it easily attaches to it with its Velcro strap. It is made of high quality durable foam and forms to the body.

4.   BedLounge adjustable reading pillow provides back and body support. The reading pillow supports the head, shoulders, neck, upper and lower back. The pillow can be adjusted and easily carried with one hand. This product can also conform to the body.

5.   WondaWedge is great to use while traveling as it can be inflated when needed. The design is compact and waterproof. It allows for multi-positional support and the materials used to make it is suede and vinyl. WondaWedge is available in Gray, Yellow or Blue.

All of these products come with a 1 year warranty and are available via Contour Living’s website located at