Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Proper Positioning Post-Pregnancy

Among the many priorities and concerns that accompany the notion of becoming a new mother, proper posture pre and post pregnancy should not be an issue in daily occurrences, as becoming a new parent has enough responsibility without constantly worrying about a straight spine. With the help of a ergonomically crafted specialty pillow, any new mother can rest, breast-feed, relax and sleep soundly knowing their upper and lower back are being properly supported, not only for themselves but for their newborns as well.
Full-body pillows, such as the Snoozer available at ContourLiving is designed to achieve proper spinal alignment and healthier circulation throughout all stages of maternity and nursing. Designed to follow the natural  position and contours of the body, the 3-pillow-in-one design accommodates the semi-fetal position, the top doctor-recommended sleep and rest position for pre and post-pregnancy. The semi-fetal position reduces tossing and turning as well as muscle cramping for the new mother so maintaining this position as often as possible is crucial for optimal comfort. “Many women who prefer to sleep on their back are bothered by pain during the later stages of pregnancy. Unlike the traditional back position, where you are laying flat against the bed, with the use of this pillow, you can prop your body up at an angle and will help to take the weight of the uterus, abdominal nerves and surrounding blood vessels.”
What is also ideal for pregnancy is this full body pillow provides ideal nursing support whether you choose to nurse in a rocking chair or while laying down, as the contoured pillow cradles the lower back and abdomen as well as the neck and spine so both mother and baby are comfortably positioned.
ContourLiving understands just how important the health of your muscular and skeletal system is. Their full line of body support cushions and pillows will provide the ergonomic support at all times. Other wonderful full body pillow options to be recommended are the Back Max wedge cushions, featuring full body support as well as massage option and the Mattress Genie inflatable wedge, a wedge design allowing any bed surface to instantly become that of a luxury adjustable mattress. A must-have for any new mother.