Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make Beds Easier and Eliminate Back Pain

Eliminate back pain while making beds!   The Bed Made EZ is a great new tool designed to reduce strain to the back, neck, and shoulders when lifting of heavy mattresses (to make the bed!).  Many mattresses in today's homes weigh over 150 pounds and create an increased risk of injury while changing sheets.  As more customers choose luxury class mattresses, this trend is increasing. This simple tool can save you (or a loved one) from back pain plus it provides a new level of independence.

When making a bed, tucking in just the sheets alone requires your mattress to be lifted at least eight times - all from a stooped position of only 14” off the ground. This awkward twisting and lifting motion contributes to the back pain and is experienced by 85% of the population.

How does it work? The Bed MadeEZ:

  • Slick surface inserts effortlessly between box spring and mattress, lifting the top mattress as it slides in.
  • It alleviates strain to back, neck and shoulders
  • Holds mattress in raised position eliminating repeated lifting.
  • Can be used to tuck in linens.
  • Comes with a full replacement LIFE TIME warranty
  • Perfect for maids, homecare workers or anyone who makes a bed!
"The Bed MadeEZ is a unique device that can significantly reduce the physical stress of making a bed"

- Dr. Thomas Cowell, certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and active member of the Florida Chiropractic Association

Physician recommended back pain relief
Bed Made EZ Bed Making Aid
Bed Made EZ Simplifies tucking sheets under mattresses