Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Staying Fit After Age 50 - New Advice and Tips from Contour Living

New article from our own Lauren Stone - Staying Fit After 50.    See the full article via the link, or check out the excerpt below.

Is this realistic? Of course it is! With a combination of a few life adjustments, maintaining a healthy body, regulated metabolism, vitality and energy is certainly attainable.  Your body still requires a balance of a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, not only to prevent weight gain but to maintain flexibility and ward off unwanted ailments further down the road. 

Some tips for the older than 50 crowd center around aerobics, muscle strengthening, stretching & flexibility and balance.   It's important to note that balance includes mental balance - exercise your brain along with your body.  Word games like crosswords, Sudoku and similar can help keep you sharp