Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sleeping In (And On) The Clouds!

Supporting Your Neck When Traveling
As the new year fast approaches, business in the business world is quickening its pace as well.  It’s crunch time, so this means more sales representatives, employees and the like are on the move, traveling around the clock to stay in the positive. Goals must be met, clients must be established and deals must be in the works in order to round out a successful upward swing for profit, margin and equity for companies both large and small all over the world.  
That alone is the epitome of stress at its finest, so any and every effort to ease tension and alleviate unnecessary headaches goes a long way. Start simple; we all know traveling through the airport and trying to connect flights can be an energy drainer and more often than not, the flight time is the only decent amount of rest one may get between meetings and business dinners. We all also know how uncomfortable and, let’s just be honest, skeevy those tiny-excuses-for-a-pillow are on board any airplane are. Make this rest one of quality. Bypass that sad rectangle of fluff and opt for not only optimal comfort but ergonomically correct support with the Contour Twist Neck Pillow, perfect for any travel scenario or the Contour Cloud Memory Foam pillow. Both unique designs fit easily into any carry on and will provide more comfort in one flight that any other pillow.
The Twist Neck Pillow is perfect for sleeping, reading or supporting your spine while surfing the web in-flight. Like no other pillow available, the Contour Twist bends into any shape or position; and actually stays there. It’s soft poly-foam easily forms and comfortably supports you in any place or position. As the neck is made up or fragile joints, ligaments and muscles, this design can be positioned exactly the way you want for perfect neck saving relief.
Ahh, feel the stress and tension release already. Endure the hectic travel season with these suggested rectangles of “euphoria” and make that window of rest the best possible.

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