Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tips for Working Out During the Rainy Season

It’s springtime – and that means the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. But what it also means is that more often than not, Mother Nature is working to replenish her water supply. But what’s good for the earth isn’t always good for the population. Especially when that means interrupted work out schedules. While some of the most hardcore of exercisers aren’t thwarted by a little bit of rain, the dabblers (such as walkers or sometime joggers) would rather stay inside and dry than risk a session under the drops.

The next time heavy rain is in the forecast, however, consider alternate methods to keeping the blood flowing. 

Join a Gym

Though this isn’t always the most budget friendly option, it does allow a space to stay in shape, no matter what the weather is doing. Depending on the gym, it can also provide group workout options, such as classes, support systems, or even personal trainers. But the best part is, you can go as often as you want and work out as rigorously as you want. Obviously the more dedicated get a better value, but anyone can get as much or as little exercise as they desire.

Stretch Indoors

When the raindrops are falling, consider working the muscles indoors. Whether you have a defined space or just stretch on the living room floor, this can be a great way to encourage blood flow. Work up a regular routine, or just stretch out the muscles that feel the most tight to tide you over until warmer weather.

Dress Warm

Heavy downpours are no time for an outdoor workout, but when the sprinkling is mild, all it takes is an added layer. Wear a hat to protect your eyes from rogue drops, and a waterproof layer to keep your clothes from soaking through. Moisture wicking blends are also great for humid days, working to keep you dry, no matter which direction the moisture is coming from.