Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tips for Staying Cool During Sleep

When trying to get comfortable, almost nothing kills the mood as quickly as sweating. It makes for a sticky, hot mess that keeps sleep at bay – if not altogether impossible to reach. Which is why, rather than fighting the heat each time you lay down for bed, you should look for ways to stay cool throughout the night

From adjusting your sleeping wardrobe to strategically placing fans, remember to enlist the help of these simple tips. Not only do they allow you to keep from cranking the air, they’re far more cost effective than upping your energy usage each time the temperature rises. (Especially for hot sleepers, who experience night sweats even in the mildest of temps.) 

The next time the forecast suggests a heat wave in the near future, look to these simple, helpful solutions instead. 

Get new pajamas – Rather than lying hot in traditional garments each night, consider an upgrade that’s specifically designed to remove heat. Use silk or breathable fabrics to keep warmth from occurring through the body. Or, look for moisture-wicking versions that remove sweat as quickly as it forms.

Bedroom fans – From the smallest size (that can be pointed directly at one’s face), to a larger oscillating or ceiling one, fans can greatly reduce the temperature of a bedroom. Experiment with different types and styles to find the one that best meets your cooling needs. 

Bed cooling products – Like pajamas that remove heat and moisture, these same qualities can be found in the bed. Coat your mattress in a heat-fighting cover, sleep on a pillow that promotes cool temps, or consider sheets that remove body heat as it’s formed

Wash your sheets – For whatever reason, nothing feels quite as good (or as cool) as freshly cleaned sheets. To keep this cycle working in your favor, remember to wash often. Cold showers before bed can also cool the body’s core temp, which can act as an added bonus when settling into your freshly cleaned bed.