Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Device Helps Prevent Slouching

Out of all the ways to be reminded to not slouch, this new device just might be the gentlest. Rather than back pain, an angry grandmother, or even a seat that holds strong at 90-degrees, no matter how uncomfortable, chronic slouchers can now find comfort in sitting up straight. Thanks to UpRight, a unique back placement device, users can receive a gentle, vibrating reminder each time they fail to sit or stand up straight.

The small device works by sitting on the outside of one’s spine and monitoring its curvature throughout the day. UpRight sticks to the back with an adhesive, and is small and discreet enough to wear under everyday clothing. It’s also powered by Bluetooth and battery operated. But what’s most unique is that the device doesn’t remind you of your bad posture until it reaches a “harmful” slouch. Which is to say a sitting or standing slouching at an angle that’s been proven to cause back pain. While slight bending of the spine has minimal side effects. The contrast between these two is small and virtually impossible to know of oneself. A machine that monitors specific angles and degrees through algorithms, however, can identify the exact point of change between healthy and dangerous slouching angles. 

The Theory Against Bad Posture

Creators of the device say UpRight was made to solve the “slouching epidemic” that stems from more and more workers sitting at computers for multiple hours each day. But by wearing the UpRight, the population can sit up straight and reduce back pain, even while sitting at a desk. 

To gain better posture – whether at work or out working on activities – the UpRight can provide some much needed assistance for spine alignment. Consider this up and coming device to put an end to your posture-induced pains.