Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Wear to Improve Circulation

As the weather heats up, it becomes more and more necessary for the clothing to cool off. From shedding layers to opting for thinner outfits to begin with, it’s a time where those living in all locations create a more weather-friendly wardrobe. And no matter your taste in comfort or style, there are plenty of ways to create a body healthy option without sacrificing personal preference.

When setting out to create your perfect summer wardrobe, remember the following in all stages of the shopping and closet organization processes. Not only will they allow for better circulation, you’ll be more comfortable and healthy all-around.

Let your Body Breathe

Clothes that are too tight or restrictive can not only be uncomfortable to wear, they can cause damage underneath the surface. Such as poor circulation or irregular oxygen flow. Instead, choose loose or less fitting clothing to create a comfortable environment that promotes better posture and regular movement.

Stick to Layers

If the day’s high temp calls for a borderline wardrobe change, bring along layers instead. Rather than being too hot or too cold, which can affect inner functions, bring along a sweatshirt or jacket so you can adjust your temperature as needed. 

Check your Fabrics

Even for those without regular allergies, it’s a good idea to check what fabric blends you’re purchasing. Synthetic versions can cause irritation or itching – even rashes or harsh reactions in severe cases. While washing certain blends in various detergents or fabric softeners can provide similar results. 

Those with ongoing reactions should check with their doctor or have a skin test done to see which substances are causing skin irritation. 

Body-Specific Clothing

Depending on your body type, there are plenty of clothing items made to specifically fit your shape and size. Such as workout wear that provides better posture or improves oxygen flow. Look to these sports or athletic versions, especially when planning physical activity. Dressier versions can even be used for everyday wear.

From choosing clothes to determining how to launder them, there are plenty of ways to improve your wardrobe’s circulation value. Remember to look toward all of the above when choosing summer clothes.