Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4 Products to Help Keep Sleep Apnea in Check

When you don't sleep well, your entire day can suffer. Where you're tired, cranky, and irritable from not having earned good rest. Yet these moments causing such behavior can be quick and infrequent, in fact, we might not even remember them. But for anyone who has sleep apnea, quick wake ups can occur hundreds of times per night. 

With a combination of doctor-recommended advice, CPAP machines, and more, however, patients have worked to cure – or at least slow down – this ongoing problem.

To get the most out of your CPAP treatment, look to these popular Contour Living devices and accessories. 

CPAP Pillows

It can be hard to obtain rest when there's a mask covering your face. Especially for anyone sleeping on their side. To obtain better comfort, enlist the help of a CPAP pillow. Each has strategically placed cutouts so you can comfortably lay without mask pressure pushing back into your body (r your face!) and interrupting sleep.

Cleaning Wipes

Safe and effective, having these cleaning wipes nearby can help you ensure your mask is clean (and smell-free) at all times. Use on a regular basis, as well as daily when suffering from a cold, in order to keep your mask as clean as possible.

Face and Nasal Moisturizer

It's likely that, until you used a CPAP machine, never in your life did you think you'd need a nasal passage moisturizer. Yet with a constant stream of air running through it, the nose becomes suddenly very dry. Use this specialty-designed moisturizer, along with a face lotion, to help keep your skin as hydrated as possible.

Tube Holder

No one wants to roll over and hit their air tube – or even risk smashing it with their own body weight. With this holder, however, you can help keep your air supply readily in place, and in an ideal working position. 

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