Thursday, May 15, 2014

Contour Folding Wedge Cushion: The Reviews are in

Since it’s release, this wedge cushion has been one of our favorite products. It’s versatile, offers serious bedtime comfort, and can be adjusted to fit into a number of different positions. With all of these abilities, it’s no wonder the reviews have been coming in strong. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase a Contour Folding Wedge for yourself or a loved one, see what past and present customers have had to say about the cushion.

Customer Comments

“Cures my wife’s snoring,” John A., May 2014

LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! SO much better than using 2-3 pillows! Gives great support to both neck and back.” Sarah, May 2014

“The wedge is superior in quality. It is far better than the wedge I purchased from a different manufacturer. I am using it for nighttime GERD and have seen improvement even though I have just started using it.” Mary Ann, April 2014

“Purchased 10 inch wedge. Only using for about a week but sleeping much better! Not waking up coughing from acid reflux and really helping with neck and back problems. Used to wake up with stiff neck and headache … not this week! :)” Sue, March 2014

“A great pillow!” Chris M., February 2014

“With the contour pillow, I am now sleeping better at night, no neck aches or backache in the mornings. Sinuses are much clearer also. Sure wish I'd have thought to try this a lot sooner than I have. And, the pillow is just the right height for me (10") plus, the cover does not let me slide down when I sleep on my side.” Susie H., January 2014

“The folding bed wedge is very comfortable and helps control my GERD. Recommended.” Larry G., November 2013

“I used to try and prop up two standard pillows, or a bigger pillow with a smaller pillow... didn't help. This wedge pillow is great.” Luci, July 2013