Friday, May 2, 2014

Avoid These Clothing Mistakes to Improve Circulation

It’s no secret that proper circulation leads to an infinite number of health perks. When the blood is flowing, the body has better access to all its nutrients, as well as oxygen, which, when in heavy supply, allows you to breathe and move more fluidly. In contrast, when circulation is slowed, we can feel tired and weak, and virtually every organ function is slowed down in the process. Leading to sulky, inefficient bodily behavior. 

But did you know you can actually hinder proper circulation by wearing the wrong clothes? Pieces that are too restrictive or badly sized can actually cut off the blood (or air) flow, leaving you in serious need of a pair of sweats. Which offer about as much in comfort as they do in ease of circulation flow. 

How to Keep Circulation Flow on the Rise

The next time you’re choosing an outfit, opt for something that is both comfortable and flattering. There is a difference between wearing something that looks good and something that will better benefit your body. But compromises can be found in natural or cotton blends that allow for air flow (which won’t keep you from overheating) throughout the day. Also consider waist or sleeve sizes. Edges that are too tight will dig into the skin and obscure the amount of space there is for veins and muscles to remain under the skin. This is also true for undergarments, which can often do the most amount of damage because they sit tightly over a larger portion of the body.

Instead, choose clothes that actually fit. That way the body isn’t squeezed, while clothes still look flattering. 

When it comes to choosing your clothes, remember that an improper fit can do far worse than hamper your look. Consider an upgrade to keep body fluids flowing natural and healthy.