Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Are Sandals Bad for your Back?

Now that summer is approaching, it’s time to adjust your wardrobe and get it warm-weather ready. Sweaters can be pushed to the back of the closet, while shoes can get an arrangement as well. Boots can be left aside, while sandals are brought front and center. The perfect summer accessory for any outfit, while staying cool in the process. But did you know the wrong type of sandal (or any shoe for that matter) can cause serious side effects for the back?

Without proper support the entire body can be off balance, which often manifests most heavily within the back. Without aligning the arches (along with the rest of the foot), weight sits unevenly and forces weight to “hit” in the wrong places. For many, this can mean ongoing back pains or sore muscles. However, by adjusting the shoes that you wear, you can create a better landing space for the upper portions of the body.

What Shoes to Avoid

Generally, it’s best to avoid sandals that lack proper foot support, like flip-flops. Because they don’t host a back or any arch support, the feet are essentially “flopping” each time you step. And the longer you wear these types of shoes, the more likely you are to suffer from outside effects. Other sandals that have a flat bottom (no padding or support sections) can also create similar results. 

Instead, opt for sandals or other summer shoes that cradle and shape the foot with each step. These are generally a little more expensive, but offer far more in healing and pain fighting abilities. 

Those with ongoing issues should talk to a foot doctor about the proper types of shoes. While shoe specialists can also help pick out the right styles for each shape of foot and its corresponding ailment. 

To better take care of your foot – and the rest of your body – remember to avoid flip-flops and other unsupportive sandals. Your back with thank you.