Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What Is Your Lawn Chair Doing For Your Health?

When setting out to take in the nice weather, amenities can make all the difference. Bug spray, sunscreen, and additional items are what make outdoor time enjoyable. Especially for those of us who are less outdoorsy than others. Additionally, picnic tables make a great place to plop and eat a snack, blankets can help keep the grass at bay, and chairs, they’re likely the best amenity of them all. Who wants to sit on the ground – near gravel or sand – when you can sit up elevated and with support? Even the most outdoorsy of us all prefer a chair. But it’s also important to consider the quality of said chair. Even more so when dealing with back pain or needing a little extra spinal strength.

Which is why, when purchasing a lawn chair, it’s important to consider how it will affect your back health. “Bag” chairs are easier for travel, but also sink and don’t provide any support for the spine or coccyx areas. In contrast, metal or plastic chairs that are too hard can create a surface that’s painful over time. In either scenario, a seat cushion can help create a softer, more back-friendly surface. Many options are made for easy travel, and can help transform any portable chair into one that will sit upright, not sink and/or deteriorate. 

More expensive chairs will also offer these types of perks on their own. Often heavier, these versions are made to withstand weight without dipping, while still holding up the back into place. Talk to your doctor about what positions you should and should not be sitting in, and ask their recommendation for choosing a proper lawn chair. That way, each time you set out to enjoy Mother Nature, you can be sure that your sitting surface is there to provide extra spinal strength, not aches and pains.